We are a GMDC initiative with a community of retailers, wholesalers, brands, service providers, and innovators who uncover opportunities in a dynamic retail environment and co-create actionable solutions to meet the changing consumer's needs.

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We provide thought leadership and collaborative workshops to help grow brands and technologies

in the marketplace by focusing on understanding the changing consumer.


Our next Retail Tomorrow event in Chicago will likely be one of the first post Covid-19 in-person industry events that will enable us to understand and discuss  how these world-changing events are impacting the consumer and the shopper and, more importantly, what it means for the future of retail.  This immersion will have all of the usual provocative elements that have characterized all six of our Retail Tomorrow events and that past attendees value most: store tours, meetings with at least 10 start-ups, immersive sessions in memorable facilities, a closer look at some emerging technologies and concepts that are not yet in the marketplace, and one-on-one interaction with thought leaders and innovators. 

Please check back regularly for updates regarding our 2020 events. 

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