Whether your furnace is old or new, you want to make sure it is in tip top condition. If your furnace is not working properly, there are several things you can do to repair the problem.
Replace dirty or clogged filters

Changing your furnace filters is not only a necessary household task, but it also helps to reduce your energy consumption and improves the air quality in your home. It is important to maintain your heating and cooling system, and a clogged air filter can be a major cause of malfunction.

A clogged air filter can reduce the airflow in your HVAC system, which can cause your furnace to work harder and use more energy. In addition, a clogged filter can cause your furnace to shut off prematurely, which can increase your energy costs.
Replace faulty thermostat

Whether you are a novice or an experienced homeowner, there are some common furnace problems that you may need to address. A furnace that does not work may be due to a simple malfunction. Fortunately, you can address these issues with some basic troubleshooting tips.

If https://www.google.com/maps?cid=1661381324081501578 does not start up, you may need to check the wiring. This can be caused by loose or frayed connections. You can either fix the wiring yourself or have a HVAC professional do it for you.
Check your boiler’s pilot light

During the winter, it is a good idea to check your boiler’s pilot light to make sure it is working properly. If you are having trouble heating your home, it might be time to hire a professional.

A furnace pilot light is an electric element that lights burners when the furnace is turned on. If it is not working properly, it may be a sign that it is dirty, clogged or broken. The best way to check the flame is to remove the protective covering from the pilot light. This may require a ladder.
an experienced plumber Thousand Oaks says tripped circuit breaker

Having a tripped circuit breaker in your furnace may be a warning of a bigger problem. If you have a furnace, you need to get the problem addressed as soon as possible. If you don’t take action, you can end up with more expensive repairs.

The circuit breakers of your furnace are meant to protect your home from fires and overheating. They reset when an electrical device uses more amps than the circuit is capable of handling.

If your furnace is tripping circuit breakers, it is best to get professional help from a heating repair company. They can diagnose the problem and fix the tripped circuit breaker.
Inspect the thermostat before replacing the air filter

Changing the air filter is an important part of furnace maintenance. Not doing so can cause your heating system to malfunction and create a safety hazard.

A dirty air filter can restrict airflow, causing your heating system to work harder. In addition, it can affect the health of your family. It’s best to change your filter every 30-90 days. If you do not change your filter, you may need to buy a new one.

Inspecting your furnace and the thermostat is one of the best ways to prevent problems. You can also get the help of a certified HVAC technician. These professionals can make sure your heating system is running at peak efficiency.
Ignition problems

Whether you are a do it yourselfer or just want to make sure you don’t make any costly mistakes, you should take some time to investigate a furnace’s ignitor. It is a major component of your furnace and can leave you cold this winter if it doesn’t work.

A faulty ignitor isn’t the only problem you may encounter with your furnace. If your furnace is making clicking noises, has a hard time producing heat, or has a problem starting up, you should contact a technician.
Carbon monoxide from gas heaters

Whether you have a hot water heater, fireplace or wall furnace, carbon monoxide can be a dangerous gas. It is a colourless, odorless and toxic gas that can cause sickness and even death.

If you suspect that your gas heater may be leaking carbon monoxide, call 911 immediately. If you think your carbon monoxide detector is not working properly, you should also contact a qualified service technician.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious health problem that can cause serious damage to the brain and other organs. It can also lead to hospitalization and death. It is especially harmful to infants and pregnant women, as well as people with respiratory conditions and cardiovascular disease.
Prevent a malfunctioning furnace

Keeping your home warm all winter isn’t as easy as turning on your furnace. If it doesn’t turn on for one reason or another, you can’t rely on it to keep you warm. But there are things you can do to prevent a malfunctioning furnace from causing havoc in your home.

First, you’ll need to check the thermostat. The thermostat is the control of your furnace and it should be set to a temperature slightly higher than your home. But it’s also worth checking the time it takes the furnace to warm up your home. If it’s taking too long, this might be a sign that your thermostat isn’t functioning properly.

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