The Retail Relevance of Cryptocurrency

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Joining us on this episode is Josh Lawler, a partner in the Los Angeles law firm of Zuber Lawler and the leader of its New Technology Group, which focuses on cutting edge projects within the Blockchain (distributed ledger), artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, virtual/augmented reality, internet of things, cybersecurity, and related technologies spaces. Josh gives us a lesson in cryptocurrency …

Inside Retailer Media Networks

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Today hosts Kevin Coupe of MNB and Sterling Hawkins of CART: Center for Advancing Retail & Technology are joined by Brian Moran, co-founder and CEO of Citrus Ad, a digital platform that has unleashed the potential of online shelf space for retailers that include Wakefern, Hy-Vee, Sainsbury, and Ocado. Discussion focuses on the potential power of retail media networks, how …

The Future of Loyalty

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“Loyalty” may be one of the most over-used, under-utilized, and misunderstood concepts in food retailing. Too many retailers confuse it with “frequent shopper programs”;  there are overlaps, to be sure, but the differences can be found in mindset, execution, and results. Our guest today is Gary Hawkins – father to podcast co-host Sterling Hawkins, co-CEO/founder of CART  (the Center for …

Fusing Digital and Physical Retail

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There’s digital retail and physical retail, but for many retailers, fusing them together to create a common and brand-centric experience that creates broad and sustained customer engagement remains a challenge. This week, co-hosts Sterling Hawkins and Kevin Coupe chat with Matt Walker, director of sales at Stor.AI, which works with retailers and wholesalers of all sizes to eliminate silos to …

Always Another Tomorrow

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Co-hosts Sterling Hawkins and Kevin Coupe look back at 2020 and make some predictions about how the retail world will continue to change in 2021, focusing on safety (in all its permutations), seamlessness and friction-free shopping, and expanding use of data/artificial intelligence.

When is a Transaction Not Just a Transaction?

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The beginning of a new – and hopefully better – year calls for a new approach to the concept of a transaction. Is it just when money changes hands for as product or service? Or, if you think about it differently, is a transactional mindset actually the foundation for a framework on which to build a business and approach to …

Pandemic-Era Storytelling

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Today we consider the changes that have been forced on businesses by pandemic-era realities and how new stories, appropriate to the moment, have had to be crafted by retailers and technology vendors for both internal and external audiences. Our guest is Jeff Ketner, founder and CEO of Austin, Texas-based Ketner Group, which specializes in retail technology, and where Jeff works …

Taking Note of Future Possibilities

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Today, a look at one possible retail future, though the eyes of a 22-year-old woman who helped inspire one A.I.-powered business solution and now has co-founded another new business with potential implications for how consumers will interact with each other and the stores they patronize. Our guest: Rushika Raman, co-founder of Havanote, tells co-hosts Sterling Hawkins and Kevin Coupe about …

How to Keep Your Business Healthy

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How do you manage the risk of contagious diseases – including, but not limited to the COVID-19 coronavirus – so that your workplace is safe for both employees and customers? The events of the past nine months have placed this question front and center for every business, and today’s guest is Mark Capper, founder of Charis Health, who tells co-hosts …

Location, Location, Location

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Site selection is a time-honored art and science in the retailing game, but it no longer is as simple as figuring out which side of the street to be on, and what end of town. These days, technology gives retailers an almost unparalleled ability to chart and predict consumer traffic to a granular level and gain insights from the data …