CES & Embracing Disruption

Join us as we launch the new Retail Tomorrow podcast series dedicated to facilitating and catching behind the scenes conversations on retail innovation. Enjoy our debut episode hosted by Kevin Coupe at the Consumer Electronics Show, where we discuss trends and the larger issue of how retail can develop a culture that embraces disruption.

Our guests on this episode include:

  • Morri Chowaiki, Head of Sales and Retail for Daymond John at The Shark Group.
  • Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer at AcuityAds.
  • Tom Furphy, CEO and Managing Partner at Consumer Equity Partners.
  • Benjamin Winters, Vice President, Marketing Services & Automation at Ideoclick.


Retail Tomorrow is a GMDC initiative which hosts a series of “immersion” conferences where people can deep-dive into not only best-practices, but next-practices in retail. Past event locations include in Silicon Valley, Toronto, Seattle, and New York, with upcoming 2019 events scheduled for Los Angeles and Boston. Learn more at www.retailtomorrow.com