Implementing Retail 4.0 Imperatives Part 2

There is another pandemic affecting many retailers – a competitive pandemic that for years left many complacent or paralyzed, unable or unwilling to innovate to the degree necessary to survive. But then, when the coronavirus pandemic arrived, the acceleration of certain kinds of consumer behavior forced retailers to innovate on the run…though they didn't necessary think of it as innovating; they just thought of it as the bare necessity for subsistence.

Today, in the second part of a two-part conversation, Gary Hawkins – who with his son Sterling Hawkins founded and runs The Center for Advancing Retail & Technology (CART) – talks with Sterling and co-host Kevin Coupe about how to implement the building blocks necessary to achieve Retail 4.0 relevance – connected to consumers, contextual to their behavior, and reflecting imbedded cultural values of organizations and their leadership. The inevitable reality is that retailing is being dramatically remade. What remains to be seen is how many businesses will adapt and thrive.