Open Questions, Closed Circles

In a new series of weekly Retail Tomorrow podcasts, Sterling Hawkins, co-CEO and co-founder of CART-The Center for Advancing Retail & Technology, and MNB "Content Guy" Kevin Coupe team up to speculate, prognosticate, and formulate visions of what tomorrow's retail landscape will look like post-coronavirus.

How will supermarkets be changed by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic? How will restaurants be changed? In the end, it almost certainly will depend on how consumers are changed – and for the moment, that's an open question, still to be determined by the degree to which the nation's citizens continue to shelter at home, and the extent to which the nation's businesses are able to open up. While nobody knows for sure at this point, one thing is certain, it will never look the same across the landscape that we refer to as Retail Tomorrow.