Storytelling & Influencer Marketing

Hooray for Hollywood! This podcast comes to you from the Retail Tomorrow City Immersion in Los Angeles – which may have more storytellers per capita than any other place on earth. We shared visits to Google’s new campus in Playa Vista, in the converted hangar where Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose once resided and some of the most interesting and experiential retail spaces in the city.

Panel guests:

  • Cody Rapp, CEO of Calmist, a fascinating and growth-focused retail concept 
  • Lori Schwartz, founder of Tech Cat, which helps marketers shape their narratives in a fast-evolving environment
  • Amanda Solosky, co-founder/CEO at Rival Theory, which is developing game-changing AI capabilities that will impact the relationship marketers have with shoppers
  • Mariya Zorotovich, director of Responsive Retail Strategy and Incubation at Intel Corporation, which helps to make all this possible
  • Hosted by Kevin Coupe, MorningNewsBeat’s “Content Guy”